Catalyst A-Frame


Metal Desk Frame


The CATALYST A FRAME by Metalwork Corporation is a highly functional steel desk frame that can be adjusted in height according to the requirements of the user. Supreme comfort and reliability makes the CATALYST A FRAME metal desk frame a wonderful addition to offices and places of business. Multi-tasking no longer need be a huge challenge, thanks to the innovative steel furniture design.


Steel Desk Frame - Features


  • Height adjustable steel desk frame structure ensures better comfort and greater productivity at work
  • Metal frame desk may be lowered or raised between 630mm and 730mm by adjusting the distance between the legs
  • Steel frame desk is supported by a 50mm x 25mm steel beam
  • The support system can be used as a straight line, in 90-degree and 120-degree configurations
  • Metal desk frame can be fitted with various desk tops to make the steel furniture design blend easily with existing interior decor
  • Single legs and Desk Top Support brackets are also available


Metal Desk Frame


The simplicity and versatility of the CATALYST A FRAME makes it the steel desk frame of choice for various professional settings. The height-adjustable feature serves an ergonomic purpose that makes the metal desk frame a worthy business investment. It has the strength to support computer systems, printers, and important office equipment while at the same time, light enough to be moved around and transported with ease.


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